I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil ★★★★★

Gather round, tis story time...
I've been a horror fan since i was allowed to choose the movies we rented from the video store. I fell in love with the classics, Dawn of the Dead, The Thing, etc. Growing up in the Saw and Hostel generation of horror cinema, these were pretty much the primer to seek out the more violent films of the genre. And i did, stumbling across things like High Tension and Martyrs, and had a blast. And along comes A Serbian Film. How could i not watch it? Something that's banned across the world, including my country of Down Unduh for it's fucked uppeded-ness. Sounds great, sounds right up my alley. So, i seek it out, download it, watch it, and yep, it was fucked up. The supposed cultural / political / artistic themes totally fly over my head at the tender age of 18 and i was left with a weird film that took the fun out of horror. I didn't feel like watching anything remotely violent for the longest time, it was a drag. That fucking Serbian film's imagery had really gotten to me, ME! Who was the invincible, unfuckwithable, 'watch anything and not care', ruler of my own little universe. I had been defeated.

Meanwhile, I had borrowed I Saw the Devil off a friend and it just sat on my shelf for i dunno how long. I was putting off watching it cause of the above mentioned reasons. And the only reason i did watch it was because i felt bad for keeping it for so long and not returning it. But when i finally put that plastic disc into my PS3 and hit play, man it was glorious. A white knuckled blast of intensity, full of action, gore and extreme VIOLENCE — this film is off it's fucking brain man. But you know what, it was fun, and it still kept a sense of humour buried under all the blood and broken bones. And here we are 8 years later and it still kicks my ass, i love the shit out of this film.