What Time Is It There?

What Time Is It There? ★★★★

A watch salesman, whose mother is obsessed with the recent death of the father of the family, meets a young woman who is going to Paris and ends up having an obsession with her that captures changing the time of the clocks, to adapt them to the Parisian schedule. She, in Paris, feels somewhat isolated, foreign. And that, more or less, is all that happens in the two hours of footage. However, the faculty of the film here is not so much in its plot from a general level - which is very simple - but in the creativity of its scenes, the way it develops the characters, and the small adventures that the characters go through within this general plane. Especially noteworthy is the small cameo of Jean-Pierre Leaud, the main actor of a work that is constantly referred to in this film.

Another important aspect is the style of the film. It is a minimalist and intense style. The film manages with a lot of simplism to express sublimely and effectively the sentimental world of the plot. Another important aspect of the style is that it is rare and is of the commercial circuit. It is not what the producers are looking for but it is an artistic and bizarre style, which for me is a great attraction and for others is something not bad, but it is difficult to assimilate.

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