Mirror ★★★★★

Recalling memories isn’t always the easiest thing. We don’t always remember the most specific details in regards to time or location. But they always seem to leave a specific flavor in our mouths, or a specific scent in the air.

Memories, just like Tarkovsky’s films, are oftentimes meant to be “felt” more than they are meant to be “understood” on a logical level. Tarkovsky took the near impossible feat of conveying the language of memories and created a perfect piece of art that not only reflected the inner turmoil of his own soul, but also a lot of innate fears and desires of any human who experiences a lifetime on this planet.

It’s as if Tarkovsky knew of his own doomed fate ten years previous to his actual demise with Mirror. The end result is a montage of scenes from the director’s adulthood and childhood. Fact and fiction are blended, just like the actors who play dual roles within the story. Mirror has grown on me more than any Tarkovsky film over the years, and is one of the most soul stirring portrayals of human life and death that I have ever seen.

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