Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy ★★★★★

After Clerks and Mallrats Kevin Smith pulls a romantic comedy about the strength of relationships out of the bag and owns it! This Is Smith at his best! He seemed to really "direct" in a way not seen in his previous films. He gives room for the dialogue to breathe and doesn't rush it along and it makes the scenes much more natural. The performances he gets out of Affleck, Lee and Adams are very emotional, raw, and real. The sheer fact that he gets these actors to emote as well as they do is quite a feat coming off two films filled with dick jokes and slap stick antics (which I love just as much).

Now, that's not to say that Chasing Amy isn't funny! It is! In fact it is down right hilarious. The dialogue in this film is extraordinary. It has some of the funniest lines in comedy history in my opinion. The entire Hooper X monologue is hilarious, and even though its only five minutes Jay and Silent Bob don't disappoint. Jason Lee steals the show, again! He, much like Christoph Waltz to Tarantino was born to deliver Smiths dialogue.

It will be hard to out rank this film over the course of this directors spotlight. Chasing Amy is Kevin Smith's masterpiece. It displays him coming into his own and really becoming comfortable in the directors chair. It is a genuine story that shows his intrigue and personal feelings in this situation. He flawlessly delivers a picture and performances that bring these feelings to life and make us laugh while making us feel for Holden and Alyssa. Touché Mr. Smith. Touché.


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