Alphaville ★★★

Whilst its world may be so, this film is certainly not risk-free and logical.

The film has a very fragmented, disorientating nature - both by design and accident it seems. The audience feel just as confused and lost in this new world as Lemmy feels on his arrival into it. A world where the concept of "why" has gone and the only focus is on what is happening and what someone wants right at that very second.

Godard has created a film that also seems focused on instant gratifications rather than the bigger picture. The concept is interesting and wouldn't feel out of place at all in a film from today. There are the usual Godard stylistic flairs that challenge the audience about cinema, voyeurism and wider society and morality. But the story at times feels lacking in clarity and delivery which, if done better, would've heightened the impact of everything else that much more. Maybe that's just because taking notes during a subtitled film is always a risky move though.

also the chain smoking computer made me feel slightly sick every time I heard it.