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This review may contain spoilers.

Alfonso Cuarón's Roma is such a beautifully shot film with an extremely somber storyline. Cuarón does a wonderful job at transporting the viewer into the environment of the film by using wide shots and having the camera rotate to show every detail. It almost felt like watching a Stanley Kubrick film because of the way the camera remained stationary or focused on an individual character as they move through the space. The most impactful scene in the film is by far the scene where Cleo delivers her baby. The scene is filled with such gripping anticipation with the viewer wondering if Cleo will make it to the hospital while riots around the city halt traffic. While Cleo is delivering her baby, Cuarón keeps the audience in the center of the chaos by keeping the camera stationary throughout the scene with a closeup on Cleo. In my opinion, Gravity is the only other Cuarón film that I would say is better than Roma.

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