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  • I Still Hide to Smoke

    I Still Hide to Smoke

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    À mon âge je me cache encore pour fumer is definitely worth the watch. At first I had trouble following the plot, but once I understood that the film is about women from different backgrounds sharing their experiences, the plot became very compelling. The setting of the bathhouse plays a very important role because it serves as a common ground for women with different social backgrounds can share the same space. Having the film only take place in the bathhouse forces…

  • PlayTime


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Playtime claims to be a comedy, but the goal of any comedic film is to make the audience laugh, which I believe it thoroughly lacked throughout its nearly two hour runtime. The first hour of Playtime consists of a lack of connection between any characters which makes it difficult to be invested in the plot, not to mention the unfunny dry humor that led me to nod off multiple times. On the other hand, the second half of the film…

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  • Moonlight


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    After watching Moonlight, I can safely say that it rightfully earned the Academy Award for Best Picture. The film's captivating story of three different phases of Chiron's life keeps you hooked from start to finish, as you're immersed in his world and see first hand how he struggles to fit in with society and to come to terms with his own identity. Although captivating performances such as Mahershala Ali's portrayal of Juan keep the audience connected with the story, I…

  • Vertigo


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    Other than Lawrence of Arabia, I have never seen a more beautifully shot movie than Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. Hitchcock's use of bright and vivid colors illuminate each shot which keeps the audience entranced throughout the duration of the film. The bright red walls of Ernie's, the green light shining through the apartment window, and the beauty of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge are just a few on a long list of examples that embody the beauty of…