Logan ★★★★★

I haven't said much since returning from the theater. I can still feel where the tears welled up in my eyes. My breathing is still catching up with me. I'm trying to process what I just saw. A superhero movie, a Wolverine movie, with so much real human emotion pouring out of every minute that I sat shocked in my seat. We see violence not just for the sake of it, but so that we can finally understand the thing that Logan does best, and that the thing isn't very nice indeed. We see a relationship between Logan and Charles and a closeness between them that can only come from actually seeing these two actors together for almost twenty years. Set in a beautiful neo Western backdrop, we see Hugh Jackman play a worn, tired man resigned to his grief. He's driving around a young girl who hasn't made the choices he has, not yet, and her presence gives the film a powerful, amusing, and incredibly dangerous surge of energy.

Not sure what else to say now. I guess I'm glad X-Men Origins: Wolverine exists now because we got this? The world is a strange place.

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