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  • Blood of the Condor

    Blood of the Condor


    A radical, marxist, revolutionary, foundational Third Cinema attack on Western values and U.S. cultural imperialism, Jorge Sanjinés’ Blood of the Condor had a profound impact on Bolivian politics at the time of its release and still casts a shadow across Latin American polity to this day.

    The film’s accusations that U.S. Peace Corps volunteers sterilized indigenous women of the Quechua ethnic group inspired widespread protests during the late 1960’s, stoked long-simmering anti-U.S. attitudes in Latin America, and led to the…

  • The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter

    The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter




    Transcendent martial arts director Liu Chia-liang creates a late stage, operatic Shaw Brothers masterpiece. The Golden Beach ambush that opens the film is a glorious expressionistic work of production and dance/fight choreography. With each successive battle the film becomes more unhinged until we reach a crescendo that has to be one of the absolute most fun throw downs in the entire Shaw library.

    Let's do the math:

    bad-ass limb crushing, weapon-neutralizing coiling staffs used by the proto-Mongols +…

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  • I, Madman

    I, Madman


    In a Los Angeles rich with stormy nights, a woman sits alone next to a rain tattooed window. She reads a pulp horror novel written by a psychopath. Thunder rattles. A lightning machine off camera bursts, strobing new contours and razor edged shadows around her room. With every word she reads she opens the door between fiction and reality.

    It is the end of the 80s, the final sleepy yawn of the last great horror deluge, and director Tibor Takács…

  • Johnny Corncob

    Johnny Corncob


    If not for some pretty rough representations of the Turkish and other South and Central Asians, all in service to Hungarian nationalism, and the fact that Johnny Corncob is kind of a dick, this would be completely fucking awesome. Let's just admit to ourselves that this is rife with racist and sexist imagery and attitudes and that's just how the twentieth century cookie crumbles. Otherwise, it's a lush ballet of animation. There's a constant pour of images always seeking new…

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  • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

    Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution


    There are at least two sure ways to know you're on the right side of history...

    1. The Black Panthers bring you food during your sit in.
    2. The press gives you a bad ass name like "The Occupying Cripple Liberation Army".

    That powerhouse and political force of nature Judith Heumann wasn't on the stage during the signing of the ADA, after all that she did, and instead it was a bunch of white dudes, is the fucking story of civil rights movements in America.

  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    Max von Sydow was twenty-seven years old when he starred in one of the greatest films ever made. He died today. He was ninety. This is a movie about death.

    My wife found out the lump on her throat was benign today and then I watched this movie for the first time in probably twenty years while waiting for her to come home from work so I could give her a kiss. This is a movie about life.

    Death cheats at chess. Life cheats at death.

    The Max von Sydow project starts now.