• West Side Story

    West Side Story



  • tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    Damn, I put this on and couldn’t pull away.

  • Antlers



    Watch the featurette if only for Scott Cooper attempting to connect the opioid crisis with earth’s depleting resources.

  • 8-Bit Christmas

    8-Bit Christmas


    I can’t believe I cried. Successfully achieves the Christmas Story vibe it unquestionably underscored in the pitch deck to money people.

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife


    Sue me. I cheered and choked up at this kid’s movie. The humor and heart is legit. The post credits scene stayed with me. Definitely no O.G., but a good time indeedy. McKenna Grace is terrific.

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    Stunning cinematography, great performances. Fun to imagine great filmmakers to be - like Tarantino and PT Anderson - watching this and getting itchy brains. For the watershed year ‘84 was (Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, etc) Paris, Texas was and is a full on independent art film — a foreign production, and it shows (in the best way).

  • Fright Night Part 2

    Fright Night Part 2


    Um. This is great? Ambiguous characters, irreverent humor, quality imagery, mixed race vampires with playful, human qualities… yeah why don’t they 4K this thing!?

  • The Midnight Hour

    The Midnight Hour


    Thank you Dylan Dawson for introducing me to this fantastic Halloween movie, a hybrid of 100 80s spooky flick nods.

  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers


    I can’t believe the cops had a “bumbling cops” theme song. My mind went Malignant after the pumpkin slice opening and I became Annabelle Wallis again when Michael was chasing Jamie through the house. Points for brutality! And a jail break by Druid Boi…

  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    Impeccable duh

  • The Night House

    The Night House



  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    Halloween Kills is a FUN rewatchable turn your brain off ride. I kept telling my TV what a damn genius DGGreen is. Dude knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. The tone is razor sharp, bordering darkest of horror comedies. The Big John, Little John sequence, are you kidding!? It’s legit. The tone. That is not easy, oscillating between camp and terror, schlock and cosmically creepy. You could say it has has an OG Halloween vibe. I think it’s more horror nerd…