Logan ★★★★½

Holy crap guys! This film was freaking amazing. This is everything I could have ever wanted in a Wolverine film. Hugh Jackman goes out with a BANG! This film was truly phenomenal. The violence is insane. It's extremely brutal and realistic and is what I've always wanted to see in a Wolverine film. They didn't hold back at all in this film. This film sounded amazing. Every time Logan would kill somebody with his claws it sounded crazy but really really good. This film has a really interesting story that I bought into and really enjoyed. This film was actually really sad. There were definitely a couple scenes that made me tear up. Hugh Jackman gives one of the best performances of his career. He couldn't have been any better. Patrick Stewart is fantastic as Charles Xavier. His character really surprised me and made me really emotional. He brought a lot of warmth to the film and made you realize things you hadn't even thought about. Dafne Keen is a complete bad-ass in this movie. I thought she did a great job in every single scene she was in. The action scenes in this film were beyond fantastic. They were perfect. They were filmed beautifully and were really creative and fun to watch. James Mangold is a very good director and he made his mark on the X-Men movie universe with this film for sure. I actually really bought into the villains in this movie. I could definitely see why they were doing what they were doing and wanted Wolverine to cut them into pieces the entire time. This is definitely my favorite movie in the X-Men universe. The only thing that could have been fixed was the pacing. The film gets a little slow in the middle and you start to forget that you are watching a film that involves The Wolverine. Besides that, the movie was near perfect and I loved every second of it. Hugh Jackman's last performance as Wolverine was truly phenomenal.

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