Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★½

"Through the darkness of future past, 
The magician longs to see. 
One chants out between 2 worlds, 
Fire walk with me!" 

Fire Walk with Me is Lynch's most depressing film, besides Elephant Man. 
The final hours of Laura Palmer's life truly get under your skin, and it should be classified as a dramatic horror film. 

Now the final 20 minutes however…THAT is a REAL horror film! 
Some of the most disturbing and unsettling images I've ever seen in a film. 

Sheryl Lee really dove deep into her role of Laura Palmer. 
Her performance felt so real, so genuine. Almost as if she was a real person I knew. 
The Academy can fuck themselves for not nominating her. 

This is definitely one of Lynch's best works, and I honestly can't understand how people hated this. 
It's also a shame that he's not making anymore films. 

And one last thing: what the fuck was that Teresa Banks case! 


A (9.6/10)

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