Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

We don’t belong here. 

Viewed in IMAX 3D I actuallly really liked this film, just as I was anticipating it to be. 

I was stuck in complete awe by Kong himself, and the destruction and action just stunned me and left me breathless. 

The entire technical aspect is glorious, and Larry Fong gave me an orgasm with the beautiful cinematography and epic sound/VFX. 

The action is just epic, and there’s not a single flaw with it. 
The Kong battles are worth every cent, and you must see it in IMAX. 

The characters are bland though, and comepltely forgettable but I think that’s the point of the film. 
And the editing was annoying as shit, because after that opening, I knew it wasn’t gonna get better. 

But it’s a genuine monster movie, and it knows it, and still manages to be a thrilling theater experience.

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