Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★★

It’s like leaving a loaded gun on the table and turning off the lights! 

You could argue this is the same film all over again as the first, and I’ll admit the 5 is for sole enjoyment (it’s a pretty strong 4.5), it’s still a smart, witty, whip-cracking good time and one of the best comedic thrillers ever conceived. 

Daniel Craig remains suave and hialrious as Detective Blanc, and every moment he has the chance to monologue I’m glued to the screen. 
Janelle Monaé is electrifying, and the true standout this time around; not enough Bautista!!! 
The supporting cast here is much better written & acted, but I still prefer the alluring chaos of the Thrombey family. 

I laughed, I clapped, I cheered, and it made it even better by having a very enthusiastic audience. 
Rian Johnson, you’ve outdone yourself once again!

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