Roma ★★★★★

This left me kind of shocked.
A whirlwind of emotion combined with exquisite filmmaking make Roma likely the best movie of the year.
Every aspect of the film is executed masterfully.
The performances were so authentic and incredibly memorable, especially Yalitza Aparicio.
The cinematography was great as I’ve come to expect from Cauron, who did the cinematography, writing, and directing for the film. This is truly HIS masterpiece. 
The black and white was beautiful and perfectly  encapsulated the nostalgic feel of the movie.
Many scenes felt surreal, while others felt painfully real, accurately depicting the duality of life.
Thank god Netflix let this play in theaters because the experience was really something.
Sure it’ll be nice to watch it on Netflix in the comfort of my home but to see it on the big screen was special.
This movie will definitely go down as a classic and it should, so when it comes out on Netflix go fucking watch it.

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