The 15:17 to Paris

The 15:17 to Paris ★★★★

I am so consistently drawn to this movie. Sounds odd, but it’s just such an interesting exploration of a lot of ideas, in such an odd way.

Clint Eastwood is certainly a right leaning guy, but this film (and so many of his others) deconstruct the very idea of toxic masculinity that he himself founded. 

One of the people who stopped this shooting and plays himself in the movie, tries to execute a captive man twice. It’s disturbing to see and it highlights something really bad, then to show them being treated like gods and getting awards and medals all lends itself to a central question of: are we sure about this?

Also, If you watch the first 20 minutes of this movie you’ll see like 15 sitcom actors that you have seen in lots of mainstream shows - so like, what’s that about? There’s clearly intention, but I am just fascinated by why Clint would make this film in this way.

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