Another Round

Another Round ★★★★


In addition to its great existential burden, this one is a movie that manages to explore the spectrums of alcohol consumption, questioning that humans need to free themselves from their own condition, one that comes with responsibilities and a wide variety of thoughts. Using Skårderud´s theory as a mere excuse, four highschool teachers will embark on a bittersweet drinking trip to prove that, even as adults, can still enjoy the pleasures of life at the cost of a reality that they cannot improve on their own.

As I see, it's pretty interesting how the movie constantly shows this contrast between youth and adults, being those who usually assume the formation and the example to follow for younger generations. However, as the film progresses, this idea is degraded to the point where these mature figures are mired in doubts and their needs regress to emotions, searching for something else that an empty routine is unable to give. Older people see in the young something they will never be again, something that, outside of everything that society imposes, is totally valid.

Martin, the main character of this story, works as the perfect example for this phenomenon, a man whose life seems to be going nowhere until constant drinking wakes him up. This is where his life becomes more exciting,he gives up a portion of his faculties in exchange for false realization, taking a shortcut with highs and lows that subtly draw his character arc. Not only that but the amazing work of Mad Mikkelsen helps to achieve a powerful, well-nuanced characterization.

About the other teachers, it is possible to see in them this same need but with a lesser intensity at first. However, the susceptibility of alcohol in the psyche of each one will develop behaviors and even addictions in the life of each one. It is with them where the film allows us to emphasize the range of possibilities that excessive alcohol consumption brings with it in adult life, an idea that is reinforced in the segment of real recordings and Martin´s classes about historical figures.

Regarding the technical aspects, the camera movement maintain this little shaky feeling during most of the shots, something that, of course, captures the instability of the situation and the characters, On the other hand, the photography is pretty standard and not that suggestive most of the time, with some shots that are kind of interesting. About the montage, the inclusion of a black screen to point out writings and numbers speeds up the plot by not adding extra dialogue and allows the sound to shine. Finally, the musicalization of this movie is great, with a selection of classical pieces that gives more intensity to the situations and a more modern song that allows the movie to end on a high note.

In conclusion, Another Round stands out for its interesting premise and the way it is executed in such a sober and mature way. At the end, all that remains is to dance for staying alive.

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