Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Yes! So great. Much fun and enjoyment to be had. But I can already hear Benoit Blanc pressing on those high notes of the piano, reminding me to stay focused, keep this brief, and not simply gush...

Rian Johnson has easily solidified his place among my favourite filmmakers working today. Here it is his keen eye and meticulous attention to detail that I can already tell are going to bring me back for repeat viewings. There's so much to deconstruct here, and that just excites me. The narrative is gripping, it's gorgeous to look at, and the comedic beats are effective. It's self aware, but not annoyingly so.

There is truly no weak link among the ensemble. Collette, Craig and Evans are all hilarious and clearly having a blast, but De Armas is the definite highlight, standing head and shoulders above the rest. Can't wait to see what roles she'll choose to take in the future.

It's a fun and original murder mystery (when was the last time we got a good one of those?), but it also works as a social commentary with something legitimately important to say. The message isn't in your face either, but is delicately woven into the story in a way that feels completely natural. So much so in fact that if it weren't there the film wouldn't work half so well.

2019 really has been one of the best years for film in recent memory. This is wrestling with Parasite for my favourite screenplay of the year. I can't wait to rewatch it and pick up on more details. Bring on the sequel!

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