Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

5 minutes in

Amy Schumer: "My pussy smells like a barnyard animal."

Me: "This isn't funny."

15 minutes in

Amy Schumer: "Ever had a guy just cum on your tits?"

Me: "This really isn't funny."

30 minutes in

Amy Schumer: "I wanna talk about something serious for a while."

Me: "Oh, maybe she will talk about something other than sex for a change."

31 minutes in

Amy Schumer: "Ok, done with that so I'm just gonna talk about my pussy some more."

Me: "She literally couldn't last a minute without telling a sex joke!"

60 minutes in after a half hour more jokes about her pussy

Amy Schumer: "Thanks for cumming!"

Me: "Comedy is dead."

Absolutely awful.