Spencer ★★★★★

I can't even begin to explain the emotions I felt during that montage she has on the stairs. It's very easy to just call a film a masterpiece but THIS! this was something special or at least it was to me. What I really wasn't expecting was how much of an anxiety inducing experience this was. That dinner scene was so tense and it gave me serious whiplash because I have plenty horror stories from my own family gatherings as I am the only gay person in my overly religious family so you can imagine how that goes. All those stares got under my skin. But Spencer is such a magical experience I really don't hesitate to call this my favorite movie of 2021 even though I definitely haven't seen everything released this year but from what I've seen. Kristen Stewart? Yeah that Oscar is hers.

Oh btw I watched this with my mom. We both cried.

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