Josephine Ulnits

Josephine Ulnits

Born in 1978. Have been a film geek since childhood.

Earn my living doing Danish subtitles for movies and tv.

Favorite films

  • In the Name of the Father
  • Jaws
  • Thelma & Louise
  • Cinderella

Recent activity

  • The Fitzgerald Family Christmas


  • Pluto's Sweater

  • A Castle for Christmas


  • Die Hard


Recent reviews

  • Pluto's Sweater

    Pluto's Sweater

    This must be one of the most bizarre of Disney's shorts. In this cartoon, Pluto and Figaro from Pinocchio lives with Minnie Mouse, not Mickey (at least he's not in this). And Minnie is a brutal animal abuser. Not because she puts Pluto in a sweater. But because she forces it onto him with violence. And she drags him by his leg and tail - and repeatedly throws him out the door when he doesn't want to go out.

  • A Castle for Christmas

    A Castle for Christmas

    At least this has better actors that these movies usually do.

    And it must have taken a crew of at least 10 people weeks to put up that many decorations and lights. Yikes. Hilarious that you see them go out and cut ONE Christmas tree down, because minutes later there are Christmas trees in every room and hallway on top of all the other decorations.
    Good thing they had 12 bedrooms in that castle. They're gonna need at least nine…

Popular reviews

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood

    WHY is this happening?!??! Why?! Disney, stop trying so hard to make me hate you. Stop it!

    Fox Robin Hood was my first love. I was still in kindergarten. And hey, Anna Kendrick had a crush on him as a kid too, she told the world that on Graham Norton's sofa, so I ain't weirder than her because of that.
    I saw the animated feature on the big screen at a 35mm reprise two years ago. It was amazing. So…

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread

    I was SO looking forward to this. I used to work in couture as a designer and tailor, and even though I know from the inside what a rotten business it is and how full of fake and awful people it is, I still love movies where couture plays a part.
    "The Dressmaker" was an utter joy, and since this also seemed to have darkness underneath all the silk and lace, I couldn't wait.

    Daniel Day-Lewis is my favorite actor…