Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★★★

this review will contain spoilers!!.
screw the haters I loved every hour. every minute and second. not one moment I was bored or anything. the beginning of the movie has a beautiful shot of kylo ren killing creatures in the planet and the scene were he arrives at emperor palatine's temple was just amazing. i thought the scene between leia and rey was just heartwarming and they had a great bound. I was so excited to see Lando at the planet with rey.,finn,poe and c3-po. Richard E grant's performance as general pride was fantastic. Domhnall Gleeson returns as General Hux but he hasn't changed since the force awakens but in the last jedi he looked so fat. there's a scene in the movie were chewie is taking away by the first order I thought he was killed in the spaceship crash but he didn't die. it was surprising to see Dominic Monahan in this as one of the residents. I cried when I seen Han solo talking to ben-kylo beautiful father and son bonding. it was also amazing to see the death star again and the evil version of Rey. the battle scene at the end was just spectacular and the fight scenes between the emperor and rey was epic. when rey is on the ground you can hear alec gunniess,liam neeson and Samuel L Jackson's voices when there saying to rey the force will be with you and rey gets two lightsabers and she kills the emperor. unfortunly kylo ren died when saving rey's life. I would like to mention the ending were rey is standing at luke's aunt and uncle's house from a new hope and the old woman says to her what's your last name? and rey responded "Rey Skywalker" I love this movie so much but it isn't the best but i'm glad JJ Abrams directed the last ever star wars movie. overall great movie.

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