Joseph has written 29 reviews for films during 2022.

  • Glass Onion

    Glass Onion


    I was worried going into a sequel for Knives Out but I was pleasantly surprised to see that this one stands on its own and is a thrilling “whodunit” mystery.

  • Avatar: The Way of Water

    Avatar: The Way of Water


    Visually beautiful and leagues above the first film. 

    The 3D effects were well worth the migraine I am sure to get from the 3D glasses.

  • Avatar



    While this movie has some corny dialogue sometimes, the human scenes are kind of boring, and the antagonists are written with the depth of a villain from a Saturday morning cartoon there is no denying this film’s importance and it is easy to see how this film is the highest grossing film of all time.

    Yes, it’s pretty much “Pocahontas in Space”, but we’re not here for the plot: we’re here for the visuals.

  • Black Adam

    Black Adam


    I went into this with very low expectations and was throughly impressed. Exciting action scenes, humor that works, and a mid-credit scene that has got me more hyped than a credit scene has in a very long time. 

    I can’t wait to see where this takes the DCEU.

    UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE: it led nowhere, the DCEU died.

  • Vice



    As a biopic, this movie is kinda weird. Christian Bale plays Dick Cheney well but so many other roles just seem really miscast. Some stuff works, like the mysterious narrator and one particular satirical gag in the middle, but if you’re looking for a good biopic or film surrounding the Bush years keep looking because this isn’t it.

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends


    A decent character driven conclusion to the Halloween franchise and a major step up from Halloween Kills.

  • Amsterdam



    An all star cast, an engaging mystery, and a pinch of real American history (mainly what is referred to as “the business plot”) made for a damn good film.

  • Barbarian


    …..what the fuck did I just watch

  • Don't Worry Darling

    Don't Worry Darling


    An interesting premise and story that keeps you invested so much that you’ll forgive Harry Styles’s lack of acting talents.

  • Smile



    This has everything I want from a horror movie. I felt uncomfortable nearly through the entire run time and even the jump scares were effective.

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation

    There’s a lesson to be learned: don’t go to a strange wedding on a different continent with someone you have met for literally 30 seconds. You might be a lead character of a boring ass vampire movie.

  • Beast



    The dialogue in this film was very poorly written and while the scenes with the lion were cool, everything else felt unnecessary.

    Truly a movie to watch with your friends and make fun of.