Eternals ½

As someone who genuinely enjoys the Marvel Cinematic Universe and superhero movies in general, I had high expectations for this film. While the trailers didn’t grab my attention, surely the film would be good. After all, it has an acclaimed director and a pretty talented cast. This could be a breath of fresh air for the MCU that honestly can be formulaic at times. Well, it wasn’t that breath of fresh air. 

The plot was a lot to follow with a lot of the movie jumping around in time back and forth between present day and various points in time. There are a lot of characters and honestly I did not care about a single one of them. When any deaths happened on screen I did not care because I had no attachment to any of these characters. There is a decent twist heading into the last act of the film that I thought would hit hard if I actually cared about a single character in this film. 

There are the usual MCU quips and comedy but they especially do not seem to land well in this film. In my theater specifically, I didn’t hear a single person laugh at any of the jokes throughout this entire film. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t try. Unfortunately the best “joke” was already in the trailer (the ikea table joke) so I had already heard it about a dozen times.

While I found this film to be particularly dull, I will say visually it is beautiful. It is probably the best looking MCU film to date. The cast also does particularly well with the material that they were given. The action scenes were not bad, however I will say that I never felt any real stakes in this film because it’s hard to feel like there’s stakes in a film where the plot is revolving around the end of the world but there’s another film in the same cinematic universe coming out in literally a month from now.

Overall, I’d say Eternals is a rare miss from Marvel. They all can’t be Infinity War. One MCU film has to be on the bottom of rankings, and for me that film has to be Eternals.