'Any creative could likely direct a good film, but only the finest people can write one'- Someone in Film Twitter, 2021... lol

Now, the quote above is a fallacy that isn't uncommon, for many people believe that film is only made of story and dialogue. It isn't until one attempts at making a film, or a short, that one can completely understand the complications: the photography and its 'invisible' art montage, more important that the words spoken -or not spoken, by that matter. 

8 1/2
 is a good example of a movie that couldn't have been directed by anyone other than Fellini. A deep look at the mind of the cinematographer, of the director who creates a movie. Guido Anselmi is Fellini and 8 1/2, is perhaps the greatest 'making of' of a movie, itself. Present, past and future; reality, fiction, memory and dreams. All of them tangled, united in a roll of celluloid. Cinema the cathedral of the arts.

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