The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

Oh my god this movie just keeps getting better after a second time. This has without become my favorite interpretation of Batman in film because of how he is represented in his first outing. I love that we get to see how Batman is still a myth to the criminals and people of Gotham everyone's afraid of him and how we see how brutal he is with the criminals as well as because again Bruce is lashing and inflicting the years of pain, anger, and trauma on others. I like that there's also no difference between Batman and Bruce Wayne to him there is only Batman he has yet to learn to be human. I enjoy that the final act is more of Batman saving others than your typical big CGI fight you see at the end of every fucking superhero movie these days it's great because it serves as the perfect closure to Batman's arc learning that his mission shouldn't be vengeance but to become a symbol that inspires hope in the people of Gotham it's so good man, and it's impactful and inspiring it's a scene like that that reminds me why I love movies. Zoe Kravitz is also great in the movie I didn't bring her up in my last review because to me Robert Pattinson and Paul Dano were the standout performances but make no mistake Kravitz delivers a great portrayal of Catwoman. The visuals again are astounding I can't remember the last time in years where a blockbuster looked this good here's hoping Fraiser stays on as cinematographer for the trilogy. The Batman is a shining example of a superhero movie trying to be much more than a superhero movie, a blockbuster that tries be a movie at the highest standard.

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