Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder ★★★½

Keep your heart open.

2nd MCU movie experienced on theaters and I'm not mad at it.
Stunning visuals, great direction, beautiful cinematography, a fire soundtrack, and pretty good acting.
A hilarious ride full of crazy goats that got me LAUGHING everytime they were on screen. I'm a child. I know.
Christian Bale as Gorr was amazing, I wish I could've seen him fighting and slaying Gods, but he was terrifying when he was on screen.
The Guardians, and a lot of cameos were, imo, wasted. I know it's not their movie, but still. A lot of the Asgardians were useful, and Valkyrie and Jane's characters were underused. The cut for the movie hurt it a lot. The 4hr version is clearly needed.
I had fun with it. It's definitely not better than Ragnarok but not even close to being the worst of Thor's franchise.
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