Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★½

If you mention Thomas the Tank engine one more time, I'm gonna shoot you in the fucking face.

This was a ride! A fun and exciting one too.
I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy this one, since the trailer seemed a little too much, but the movie was just that, and I was having fun.
The cast was a surprise. A few cameos that made me laugh out loud by how obvious, absurd, and hilarious they were. So out of place but so fitting at the same time.
I liked the direction, the crazy and interesting editing, the acting was great, and the story telling was brilliant.
Cgi was overused and funky at times, but it added to the madness of it all.
Nice action sequences win me everytime.
December 🎅🏻
Brad Pitt
Aaron Taylor Johnson
Joey King
Brian Tyree Henry
Michael Shannon
Sandra Bullock

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