Gummo ★★★★

Kids still playing cowboy on piles of trash and dead animals; red white and blue tshirts and flags flying over a rotting American-made landscape; people grasping for a forbidden sense of self - a vulgar, sinful, un-American being, a self both free of that constraint and suffocated by it - through the cracks of a crumbling conservative facade. Only the ghosts of illusion remain where those images are quickly losing their propagandistic power. Emptiness and meaninglessness reign where belief in the system once did, another disease left by that system as a safer alternative to change; it may look like "people just doing shit", but Korine pushes an image of emptiness to its breaking point, unveiling real discontent, real love, and the inevitable, liberating tide of change in the distance.

Christie's fantastic piece is essential reading!

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