Spencer ★★★★★

Here there is only one tense. There is no future. The past and the present are the same thing...

Entering this movie I had minor expectations. I only saw positive reviews, but I knew absolutely nothing about princess Diana other than that she lived a tragic life. 

Now more than ever I understand how this may be true. After watching Pablo Larraín's film I walked out of the theater and admired life around me. I have freedom. I have options. I have a future to look forward to. 

This film felt like a psychological thriller/drama. I felt what Diana felt (what Kristen Stewart gave) every second of the film. Kristen Stewart undoubtedly changed my perspective of her as a performer. 

The score in this film is my favorite of the year. It is beautiful and haunting at the same time. As a matter of fact this entire film was. It evoked despair, pain, sorrow, and hurt unlike any other film i've seen this year. Not to mention, the cinematography is seriously stunning. I think everyone should see this film. I absolutely loved it and i'm still taking it in but I had to let some of my thoughts out. 


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