Inglourious Basterds

I think I’m the only person this week who actually watched this lol. Fired it up before the SilentDawn debacle but count me in the “Nazis should get their brains bashed in” camp!

Consistently blown away that there’s like maybe ten scenes in this movie. The 30-minute tavern sequence is singled out as a choice example of Tarantino’s gift for gab and sustaining tension, but August Diehl’s King Kong passage is so strong in particular because it’s Tarantino reverse-engineering one of his clever soliloquies. Love all the jokes at the expense of Americans, too (we can’t speak any other languages; Landa’s irritation with the Basterds for underestimating his investigative prowess) but what always strikes me about this film are the stakes. Life-and-death consequences are omnipresent in any Tarantino movie but here that threat of violence is universal, transcending any and all racial/cultural barriers. Everyone is willing to die for his or her country. Hicox’s eyes quivering when Hellstrom refuses capture, thereby sealing both of their fates; Donny and Omar sating their bloodlust in slo-mo before the dynamite goes off; Frederick playing possum just long enough to take Shosanna down with him; even Wilhelm negotiating with Aldo after the katzenjammer in the basement. No Tarantino film savors the exquisite, tragic details of our final moments quite like Basterds.

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