A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ★★★★

The Nightmare series comes roaring back with an amazing opening sequence. Kristen's dream sequences are some of the best moments of the the entire franchise. The atmosphere is so thick and the chase scene, where we mainly see Freddy's shadow bobbing up and down blue-lit hallways is a perfect introduction. We are quickly tricked with the bathroom scene, dream in a dream, sink come to life mayhem. After some quick introductions to a very lovable cast we get an even more excellent Kristen dream scene. When Kristen reaches a room and Freddy begins the "groundhog" move under the floorboards and around the walls, then turns into a giant snake-dick man popping from underneath the floorboards and body-slamming her. What a strong start! If it had held up this momentum, it could have equaled the originals level.

I love that this Nightmare film has a bit of an adventure movie vibe. A bunch of rag-tag teens coming together to face something way bigger than themselves. It feels like a lot of 80's movie culture coming together in one film.

The setting and scenery also bumps this movie up a notch. A hospital/ward always has a great feel for a film's tone. One of my biggest problems with Nightmare 2 was the settings. It felt very generic and non-threatening. Part 3 is a return to form in so many ways!

4 Nightmare 3 did miniature homes before Hereditary out of 5

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