Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★½

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ROUND 2 - KONG: SKULL ISLAND dir. Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Hank Marlow: Hey, what happened with the war? Did we win?
James Conrad: Which one?
Hank Marlow: Uh-huh. That makes sense.

An absolutely nonsensical, Nam-stalgic, “show me the monster” load of old cobblers, Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Kong: Skull Island is exactly what you get when an audience rejects an ideas-led monster movie and clamours for an unending train of destruction and dumb fun.

Whilst I am in the lucky position of being a little bit of both when it comes to my monster mashes, even I have to admit that I’d take Edwards’ bleakly beautiful Kaiju offering over Vogt-Roberts’ ape antics any day. Though there is *something* going on beneath the surface, a commentary on the futility of war and the inescapable trauma of conflict, that has clearly been swept aside to see how many angles of ass-whooping can be fit into one film. That’s all well and good, but using Vietnam as little more than an aesthetic is... odd, to say the least.

The above being said however, Toby Kebbell’s stellar mo-cap performance and some pretty epic monster glam shots do make for an entertaining enough viewing experience. If you come at the film from the right “big ape go roar!” perspective, then it’s very easy to have a good time. Even so, the abundant sub-par CG work on anything that isn’t Kong does stifle the entertainment just a little bit.

Basically, as expected, I am very much Team Godzilla still at this point and can’t wait to see him give that cheeky monkey from Skull Island a righteous nuclear breath to the face tomorrow!

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