• Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet


    I feel bad for all the 9th grade English classes who had to watch this before Romeo + Juliet (1996) came out

  • Ace in the Hole

    Ace in the Hole


    When this film premiered in 1951 it was denounced by critics for attacking the noble field of journalism. At this time journalism had been an extremely important and lauded tool in the recent years of WWII, so a blatant attack to its legitimacy would reasonably be condemned by the general public and those in the field. What the critics didn't see what how spot-on Wilder was in exposing the dangerous mania associated with sensationalism in America.

    Over the past couple…

  • Death Proof

    Death Proof


    WHAT. AN. ENDING. So much feet. So much badass women. So much Tarantino (even though it’s not his strongest film)

  • The Last Blockbuster

    The Last Blockbuster


    All Star playing during this doc truly cemented its time-capsule feel

  • Z



    One of the most influential political thrillers post-WWII. I didn't really know anything about this film before watching it. I had seen Missing (1982), directed by Costa-Gavras, for a political film course, but it wasn't the best I'd seen. After seeing this film and its impact on international political discourse, I understand more of why he had to make Missing weaker than it could have been. While Z is a very Greek film that only recently had seen such corruption…

  • The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man


    Coming off of his cult-classic debut Eraserhead (1977), David Lynch received critical acclaim for his portrait of human decency and social exploitation in The Elephant Man. Based on the real-life case of John Merrick who was born with severe deformities and paraded as a "freak" by a late 1800s English ringmaster, The Elephant Man is a critique of how we as humans treat differences and abnormalities that make us uncomfortable. 

    As with Eraserhead, sound is an important part in creating an uncomfortable…

  • Miracle



    This movie definitely made me excited for Seattle to FINALLY get an NHL team

  • The Towering Inferno

    The Towering Inferno


    Hope every big actor got the paycheck they were after to be in the film (besides OJ). Seems to just be a mediocre big blockbuster 70s film that wouldn’t have done much without its cast. This is definitely the kind of film that would just rerun on cable channels where people can just hop in and out while seeing an old familiar face or two.

  • Snowpiercer



    Bong Joon-ho is seriously the best director on class warfare in history

  • Dumbo



    Not nearly traumatizing enough to be an effective Tim Burton movie, but I did enjoy Elfman’s score (definitely reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands) and the repairing of Keaton and DeVito

  • A Patch of Blue

    A Patch of Blue


    I’m definitely conflicted about this movie. It seems to be progressive for 1965; giving a big platform to interracial couples and preaching tolerance and that it’s on the inside, not outside that matters. Considering it featured a very controversial kiss between Poitier and Hartman, it was obviously breaking boundaries for its time. If this film came out today it would obviously be received differently because, as society should, we have progressed past a “color blind” concept.

    Gordon saying “I don’t…

  • Rushmore



    Rushmore is such an amazing coming-of-age, introspective film that I wish I had seen when I was in high school. I wasn't like Max when I was 15/16; I had no idea what I wanted to do. I went with the flow and did what I could to fit in, be happy, have a fun high school experience, and get out. I went to all of the sports games, took AP courses, had a part-time job, casually joined clubs that…