Little Women

Little Women ★★½

This script and casting actually made me hate the characters, which I never thought would be possible. The casting of Jo is pretty terrible. Winona Ryder is the perfect emulation of Jo while this casting of her is definitely the worst out of all adaptations. With Janet Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor in two of the other starring roles, this should have been great. But, with Elizabeth Taylor older than Margaret O’Brien (very obviously older, I might add), the interactions seem so awkward. I love Elizabeth Taylor and believe she is great as the older version of Amy, but using a younger actress for the earlier scenes may have been the better choice. The directing is off as well- the girls interact as if they’re roommates at a boarding school instead of incredibly close sisters. 

Honestly just the Jo character being off ruined it for me. She’s always the best part of every film and especially the novel as she was written in Louisa May Alcott’s own reflection, but here she bothers me in every scene. This is also the only adaptation where Laurie and Amy have way more chemistry than Laurie and Jo which ruins one of the best storylines. Margaret O’Brien is the best part of this film as a charming Beth with more life to her than usual portrayals.

I believe the 1994 version has the best casting, and 2019 is the best adaptation overall, while this, sadly, is the worst across the board of the four main Little Women films.

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