Easy A

Easy A ★★★½

First reaction: Any scene with Stanley Tucci is incredible. Emma Stone’s persona and humor makes the movie the success it is. 
Smart teen comedy that makes overt connections to the John Hughes teen comedy era. Though highly enjoyable and easy to watch, it still doesn’t reach the comfort-aspect and comedic tone of the Hughes movie it seems to aspire to.
Emma Stone is the only actress at this time who could do this role well and lead this movie to make it as watchable as it is. Stone seems to take an early 2000s Lohan-esque performance and transform it to a newer 2010s teen comedy feel, though, unfortunately, teen films thereafter couldn’t reach or replicate the film’s tone or a lead like Stone.
Easy A can more or less be described as the end of the smart teen-comedy/rom-com highlighted by Clueless and Mean Girls.

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