Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★

Transporting Scream out of Woodsboro and into a completely fresh setting is a decision that probably shouldn’t haven taken six films, but it was worth the wait. A big city such as New York is the perfect space to freshly execute the tired formula. I just wish the payoff had been better. 

I was expecting a real game changer with this one, but it felt like a slight spin on Scream 2 and the ending only solidified that feeling. The body count is exceedingly low again too, with Ghostface failing to finish off the majority of his/her victims; how some of these characters actually survive such brutal attacks is laughable. It genuinely ruins several of the “kill” scenes when you realize that the victims aren’t actually dead, with characters turning up at the end like nothing happened, thus ruining any trauma and shock value that these films should exhibit. 

It was still a great time - just little better than last year’s, which is no surprise considering how soon it was hurled into production.

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