Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★½

Finally. I watched Seven Samurai today in its entirely after months of putting it off. This movie has looked pretty daunting. A 3 1/2 hour black and white foreign language film was not something I was excited to sit down and watch. But alas, I got through it, and yes. The film is indeed incredible. And somewhat, in ways I was not expecting. I wasn't expecting to say that this movie is actually really entertaining! I felt like even given the incredibly long runtime, this film had a nice pace to it that kept things rolling and kept me from getting bored. I was genuinely very invested in this village's situation from the getgo, and really wanted them to kick some bandit butt. So I was really liking the movie even before arguable the best part of this film, Kikuchiyo shows up. But man, when he does, the movie gets flippin fantastic. Let's talk about this guy. The actor (Toshiro Mifune) gives this performance his all. He is captivating and dramatic. He throws so much body force into every scene. And he is also hilarious when the movie needs him to be! His character is the perfect memorable hero who is rough, unrefined, a bad boy, but who has passion and ambition for days. I love everything about this guy, and he is easily my favorite part of the film. Apart from that, this film is impressively directed, especially in the camera movement and shot choices. The whole movie is so visually interesting, it pulls you in with its rampant creativity from the very first frame. So props to the director for going the extra mile. So why not 5 stars? Well...apart for the fact that I just hardly ever give out 5 star reviews, I had a few minor issues with the film. Sometimes I felt like even though every scene was interesting, not every scene was essential. And sometimes the first third of the film felt a little jumbled and maybe not as streamlined and simple as it could have been. Also, (and maybe this is nitpicking) I wanted the movie to be more violent. In the entire film I don't remember ever seeing blood. And the stabbings and slashing never really seemed to connect. But hey, those are tiny issues I had in light of everything I found phenomenal about this movie. And overall, I totally get why this is an absolute classic. If you are procrastinating watching this film, don't! It's great! 9.3/10
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