The Little Things

The Little Things ★½

The movie itself is like one of those coded letters to a detective that a killer would send. Instead of the cut up letters from various magazines, the cryptic murderer pasted pieces from a bunch of random serial killer movies together to psychologically torture the detective on his trail... AND us.

This is a confused hodgepodge of cliches, nihilistic moodiness and weirdly forced sentimentality (that’s the John Lee Hancock for ya!) that is supremely uninteresting in almost every way (except whatever the hell Jared Leto is doing in this. It’s strangely campy?).

In contrast with Chris Nolan, I actually think that HBO Max is the BEST streaming service. The quality of the movies and shows offered are unparalleled. And despite some misgivings about the impact of the industry’s future, I was excited about the WB slate being released straight to the service because I miss NEW movies. My excitement is dissipating fast, but they got me to actually watch this trash instead of doing something better with my life, so hey, what do I know?

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