The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

Eggers you absolute madlad. The Northman continues the goated director's streak of masterworks. With his horror/drama The Witch and his psychological horror The Lighthouse, this both feels like a continuation to the man's love for history and legends, as well as a film to break boundaries for the director. The Northman embraces that same visceral nature of his previous two films, but this valhalla tale is an action/adventure epic. Despite this being completely new for Eggers, he absolutely excels and creates what I think is the best film of its kind in a decade. The R is ever so present and helps bring a film like this to new heights, the likes of which I have personally not witnessed before. It's the most grotesque, yet delicately violent film I've seen in years, and to witness all that on the big screen was such a satisfying experience and it will go down as one of my favorite film-going experiences. The Northman is Eggers' most simple film, plot-wise, to date, yet the psychology behind our character's are far from it. This is of course thanks to the many fantastic and visceral performances, with Claes Bang being the standout. It's a simple film at the surface, but it's thanks to its powerful sense of dread and its absolutely insane attention to detail, that it manages to find meaning and results in a deep film with lots to unpack. It's a film that looks absolutely mesmerizing, with each frame brimming with life. It's a meticulously directed piece of art, that once again shows why Robert Eggers is one of my favorite directors working today. It's so far the best film I've seen all year.

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