Every Row is Five Similar Films (Five Film Finder)

This lists purpose is to provide hand-picked film suggestions by displaying similar films together in each and every row, of 5 films per row.

(Note: Mobile app only displays 4 films per row so mobile users may need to use List View for easier readability)

These similarities may range not only from genre and setting but also to character traits, themes, tones, styles, and occassionally aesthetics. So whilst two films such as, say, A Heart in Winter (1992) and Amélie (2001) may appear different in their aesthetic and style, the connecting similarity is that they are both lead by extremely introverted main characters.

Each row of 5 films is ordered in chronological order from left to right (oldest to newest).

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  • Persona


  • Peppermint Frappe


  • Black Swan


  • Enemy


  • The Double


  • Awake


  • The Things of Life