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  • And God Created Woman

    And God Created Woman


    This started out pretty exciting with Rebecca escaping from jail, breaking back into jail, making love to a worker in the jail at first sight and without saying a word, and then hitching a plan to marry said worker to hasten her parole, and all within the first 15 minutes or so. After that introduction this settles into a fairly humdrum affair about Rebecca trying to find balance between her "married" life (which is marriage only by name), seducing the…

  • Drag Me to Hell

    Drag Me to Hell


    I'm not usually the biggest fan of horror comedy but for some reason some scenss from this film stayed in my mind and would make me laugh when i ran them back. I guess I enjoy how seamless the action and comedy are blended together. It's not snappy, out-of-moment quips that provide comic relief, the comedy is embedded right into the action sequences and takes instances that carry potential absurdity and grabs the oppurtunity to push those moments to their…

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  • American Psycho II: All American Girl

    American Psycho II: All American Girl


    Mila Kunis as a serial killer who goes around murdering people in ridiculous ways whilst justifying her indefensible actions in inner-monologues? Yes please! Honestly this was really good and genuinely funny, it drops the dramatic face of the original and goes full tongue-in-cheek black comedy, similar to Tragedy Girls, Home Sweet Hell, or Heathers, but with absolutely none of the acclaim apparently. Just look at those rock-bottom ratings - ouch! Not deserved in my opinion because this is just as…

  • The Lovers

    The Lovers


    A stark change of scene from domesticity to nature (moonlight, lakes, shrubbery) transposes earthly beings into ghostly apparitions untethered from petty gossip and in-house politics. Love is followed wholeheartedly and without delay, and worn with proud visibility in the face of any and all judgeful eyes: "...don't try to understand. You never will."