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  • The Host

    The Host


    I've never really watched any monster movies, so I didn't really know what to expect when walking into this (besides the Letterboxd score). It's pretty good most of the time.

    I like the characters; their respective personalities make each one stand out on their own, and their motives and actions are very character-driven. However, there are parts of the story that don't really make sense to me, like how there's also a virus involved with the monster? That whole plot…

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    My go-to movie when I need a good laugh! How can each frame be so dense and packed with references while the movie, as a whole, feels so light?

    The world may never know.

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  • The IT Crowd: The Internet is Coming

    The IT Crowd: The Internet is Coming


    I glad that they didn't make a bloated, overblown "finale" type of finale; they made an episode of The IT Crowd, and that's the best thing they could have done.

  • Doc Brown Saves the World

    Doc Brown Saves the World


    It's great fun seeing Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown once again, waving his arms frantically while spouting off quantum science jargon. However, it seems like he doesn't have the energy he once had, and that he's overacting with more energy than his character usually has. I understand that he's getting old (heck, he's about as old as he was in the movies or older!), so I'll give him some slack. Other than that, it's funny, and very much in the same vein as the movies.