• Godzilla Minus One

    Godzilla Minus One


    The biggest surprise of 2023. I knew almost nothing about this movie going in, and this was not on my radar until a few days ago. Godzilla Minus One took my breath away and stands as the best entry in the 70-year-old franchise since the '54 classic. The first Godzilla entry since the orginal that has actually grabbed my attention when it comes to the human aspect of Godzilla; most Godzilla movies do a great job showing the visual destruction…

  • Doctor Who: The Star Beast

    Doctor Who: The Star Beast

    Donna Nobel <3

  • Saw III

    Saw III


    Jigsaw is so fucking silly. In Saw II he had a dirty cop put through, but in this movie he tortures a grieving father because he thought it would be really funny. Also undeniably fucking awesome how many stupid flashbacks there are.

  • Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

    Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

    Scott Pilgrim by way of MGS2

  • Titus



    Watched this in bits and pieces for class but saw the majority of it. I hated almost every second of it just like the play so in a way this is a great adaptation! It's just so awful is every way except Anthony Hopkins was having fun. Only enjoyable part was the human meat pies. Idk it's just so worthless and definitely the worst Shakespeare play I've read and watched so far. Executive produced by Steve Bannon lmao.

  • The Killer

    The Killer


    The Killer is nothing new, the plot reads off like the back cover of a generic pulpy airport paperback yet feels so weirdly fresh. Fincher takes his fetishistic obsession with perfection to its logical conclusion, a joke. Fassbender’s monotone reading of his narration feels so deliberate and kind of hilarious at the same time. It’s fascinating to see Fincher/The Killer pay so little attention to the/his girlfriend, which demonstrates how fucked in the head a workaholic truly is. The Killer…

  • Saw II

    Saw II


    Donnie Wahlberg is so fucking funny in this movie

  • Bubba Ho-tep

    Bubba Ho-tep


    Bruce Campbell <3

  • Training Day

    Training Day


    A showcase of how fucking good Denzel Washington is at his job and not much more than that. Ayer has and still is one of my least favorite director/writers in Hollywood but his worst tendencies kinda lend itself best to a movie like this. A barebones script is kinda a great way to show how fucking incredible Washington is and Hawke is great too in a more subed role as the only guy with a conscious. I also think this…

  • Saw



    Jigsaw is really good at setting up blind dates

  • Over the Garden Wall

    Over the Garden Wall


    No better way to spend Halloween than with my boyfriend and a couple of friends watching this cute and spooky cartoon. I hadn't seen this before but my boyfriend has seen it like 20 times. It's such a wonderfully spooky and charming cartoon that actually is a little unnerving and also makes me super happy. One of the quintessential pieces of fall media.

  • Chinatown



    "Do as little as possible".