• The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    After watching this it kind of feels like a film that everyone should see in their life. 

    It just feels like such a real portrayal of this kind of situation. The smaller details that are put into this film about their situation are devastating. 

    The best detail I’ve noticed is when Halley is trying to deal with certain situations and the camera is usually more focused on Moonee. It’s such a small detail that shows how it effects children. The…

  • X



    Jenna Ortega’s scream was the best part. 


  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    Wrath of man is a slick and clever revenge thriller that feels different. Guy Ritchie managed to do something different with the genre and I really enjoyed this. 

    Jason Statham is at his best here in my opinion. H is such a cool character and he plays him very well. He’s a man of few words and is quite the badass.

    The slick direction is what makes this film stand out for me. Guy Ritchie is one cool filmmaker.


  • Creed III

    Creed III


    Easily the best of the three in my opinion. Definitely elevated by Jonathon Majors because he just rules the screen. Michael B. Rules on and off. Great debut for him in the directors seat.

    Both the boxing side and the drama side are at its best here in my opinion. The family stuff and the backstory with Jonathon Majors character is really great. The boxing sequences are as exhilarating as ever. 

    That final fight when they did that unique sequence paired…

  • Creed II

    Creed II


    We are now 2-0 with the HBO logo appearing in these films. I sure hope it appears in Creed 3 when I see it later😅

    Still pretty alright. Still not the ultimate fan of the formula that it follows but I can’t help but be entertained. 


  • Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

    Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre


    This is definitely a mediocre script with a mediocre plot but Guy Ritchie decided to get Aubrey Plaza, Jason Statham, and High Grant and just assumed that their charisma would carry the film. And he was mostly right.

    Like I said, nothing special but the lead actors do enough to keep me interested could’ve used a bit more action to keep the engagement.


  • About Time

    About Time


    Extra half a star because Tom Hollander is funny and makes me laugh.

    A great Rom-Com that is unique and uses that uniqueness as a driving force for the film. I loved this. Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams have great chemistry. I especially love the side characters as well. Also Margot Robbie is in this so there’s that.

    I like when films take the same formulaic structure and do something totally different with it. It’s always appreciated and I think this film does it really well.  


  • Cocaine Bear

    Cocaine Bear


    Keri Russell runs around in a forest in all pink when there’s a bear high on cocaine on the loose. And at one point Han Solo gets sat on by Chewbacca(bear). Now this is cinema.

    Cocaine Bear is a fun movie. It has a lot of characters and it’s kind of all over the place but I feel like it adds to the chaotic energy of the film. I quite enjoyed most of the characters so it made for a fun viewing experience. It’s got great kills, lots of gore, and a bear addicted to cocaine!

    Higher baby!!


  • Creed



    I’d like to point out that the final boxing fight was sponsored by HBO. It was on the poster during the press conference! And then again during the fight… sorry just thought it was kinda funny.


  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    Something about this one for me was better then the first one. I was completely interested in the conversation topics the entire time. Seeing how they’ve grown and their opinions on topics was so interesting. 

    I love the car scene. Julie and Ethan are both exceptional actors that really make that particular conversation authentic. The dialogue is real good in this one. Feels so natural. The Paris setting makes for some nice scenery as well.


  • Aftersun



    Charlotte Wells understands human nature. There’s a lot of layers to this film. It’s not the most engaging film but it makes for a sad but such a human tale. 

    It’s a series of events happening while on vacation and it’s presented in a way that you really feel for. The understanding of a younger Dad and an 11 year old girl seems so natural. It’s a beautiful film.


  • Ant-Man and the Wasp

    Ant-Man and the Wasp


    Idk what’s going on with me but I’m randomly watching MCU movies rn!!

    On rewatch this one is so much fun.

    Comparing this to Quantumania, this one just has so much heart put into it. It has a much better script and the actors are actually enjoying themselves, probably because in Quantumania all they were doing was standing in front of a green screen the entire time.

    I mean if you compare Michael Douglas between the two films, he just seems…