Insurgent ★★½

Tris 2 minutes into this film: cuts hair to signify “change” cliche
Me: Fuck you, movie!

I wonder how much Kate Winslet was paid for this. She knows damn well that her dialogue is so trash but I’m sure the paycheck wasn’t😭 And yet somehow she still remains the best part of these films.

This movie is stupid. The writing is so atrocious that it made me laugh out loud at least 20 times. But hey, I’d rather it be so stupid that I can laugh at it then it be boring as hell. 

I’m giving this 2 and a half stars because I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying myself. I wasn’t bored at all. Completely entertained. Was I entertained for the wrong reasons? Yes. But I don’t care.

Also Naomi Watts is in this now?!? I am pretty sure that this trilogy just spends all of its money on paying these A-list actors. 


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