First Reformed

First Reformed ★★★★

A very dialogue driven film that excels in that area with many themes that sit with you. Ethan Hawke is still one of the best working actors today and this film just further proves that. 

It’s a film that progresses in a unique way. The further and deeper you go into the runtime, the more unsettling it gets. It’s as if we as the viewer are also Ethan Hawkes character. In the beginning there really was no score at all, towards the third act, the score came to the forefront as haunting. It’s a scary character study that is brought to fruition by Ethan Hawkes stellar performance.

I like that there is no real answer to this film. It’s up to the viewer to decide. Religion, politics, debatable issues, the world has always been at war. In real life there is no answer as well. It’s up to individuals to decide for themselves what they believe.


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