Babylon ★★★★★

Yes, I saw it again. It’s still incredible.

This time around I paid more attention to Brad Pitt’s Jack Conrad, and wow, it’s just such a sad but interesting character. I love how complex he is. I think this is Brad Pitt’s best performance, his mannerisms and subtle acting of a struggling internally character are done perfectly.

The score still rocks (I’ve had it on repeat). The direction of this film is stellar and I love it. That’s it. I just love it. And yes, I was crying again at the end, I can’t help it, I’m a filmbro🤣

If I were running the Oscars, I would probably give best actress to Margot and best actor to Diego. Am I biased? Probably. Oh, and I think Brad Pitt would be in the best supporting actor category, so yeah, he can win that.

I’m just waiting for the Oscar’s just to see how badly snubbed Margot, Diego, Brad, and the whole team behind this incredible film will be. It’ll be a shame. 

I love this film.


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