Allegiant ★½

“What the hell is going on here”- Four
I’m with ya man, I don’t really know either. 

My favorite part of this film is how every actor in this does not want to be in this no more :)

Kate Winslet was the villain in the first two and she brought a sense of watchability to the films. But now she is not in this one so I am sad.

I know these are based off books but these films are so damn similar to Hunger Games and Maze Runner. Except Hunger Games movies and Maze Runner movies are actually decent/good. 

This one kind of turns into almost a Sci-fi space adventure and most of the time I was wondering what the fuck was going on🤣. It’s a jumbled mess filled with mediocre action scenes to keep the viewer “interested”. Unlike Insurgent, I cannot make fun of it, so no, I was not enjoying myself. This was the last one I think so I’m done. I, like every actor in this, am over it. 


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