I Saw the Devil

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This review may contain spoilers.

I’m so confused how I want to review this. The film is fantastic. They strip away any mystery in favor of straightforward revenge plot. 

But the story becomes convoluted at times. The cop goes so far on his path for revenge that it’s hard not to think he’s gone too far. The killer endures so much throughout that you almost sympathize for him. I’m saying almost because seriously, he tried to rape a 15 year old in the first act. Tough to just overlook that. 

The fight choreography is impressive - I loved the greenhouse and taxi scenes. As usual with these films there’s buckets of blood everywhere. 

The end makes sense for the story, and suits the film. But it leaves the same question of character morality lingering. Is the cop too far gone? Did the killer deserve what he got? Did the others involved deserve their roles in it? I like that I’m left to think about it, especially since this is my third or fourth time watching it.

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